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9. Do teeth with braces need special care? 

Brushing PhotoOrthodontic braces are custom-designed to treat specific problems, and they must be treated with care. Because braces only function when attached to the teeth, multiple breakages are a guaranteed way to extend the treatment time necessary to straighten the teeth and correct one's bite. Hard or sticky foods that may dislodge braces, as well as those high in sugar content, should be avoided.

In addition, excellent oral hygiene by frequent brushing and plaque removal is more important than ever for the orthodontic patient. Tooth decay, decalcification (white spots), and periodontal (bone and gum) disease can occur if patients fail to brush their teeth properly during orthodontic treatment. Just as before the braces were placed, it will be necessary to visit your general (family) dentist at least twice a year (sometimes more frequently) for dental examinations and regular cleaning. At Hendrix Orthodontics, we work hard to teach our patients how to care best for their teeth, gums, and braces, and continually monitor their status throughout treatment to ensure the best results possible.    

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