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16. Should I get a second opinion? 

If you recently visited an orthodontist for an orthodontic screening and are wondering whether you should seek a second opinion, you may want to review the recommended treatment with your general (family) dentist first.

If you would still like to compare your comfort level with another orthodontic office or simply hear another orthodontist's assessment of your treatment options, arrange for a second opinion. You may have already had more than one orthodontist recommended to you by family, friends, your dentist, or the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) referral service. 

Seeking out a specialist member of the AAO assures that your second opinion is from an educationally qualified orthodontic specialist. You should feel confident in the orthodontist and his or her staff, and trust their ability to provide you or your child with the care and lifetime orthodontic value you seek.

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