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10. What are orthodontic study records?

ModelOrthodontic study records are a complete set of diagnostic records, which typically include plaster study models of your teeth, special pictures (radiographs) of your head, teeth and jaw joints, digital photographs, and your confidential medical-dental history. 

One of the most important parts of orthodontic study records are the special pictures (radiographs) taken of your head, teeth, and jaw joints. 

Dental RadiographPanoramic or other dental radiographs are used to evaluate the position and development of permanent teeth that have not yet come in and to locate impacted or missing teeth and shortened or damaged tooth roots. They are also used to determine the amount of bone supporting the teeth, among other things. 

The profile radiograph (lateral cephalometric film) shows the facial form, growth pattern, and position of the front teeth, which are essential in planning comprehensive orthodontic treatment. 

Profile RadiographDr. Hendrix and his team will collect this information in a comprehensive orthodontic evaluation and use it to help explain the orthodontic problem, determine the optimal course of treatment, and propose various treatment options that satisfy your personal goals and objectives. As treatment progresses, the records are a useful reference as we continually monitor treatment progress.     

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