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Child FAQs

1. Why should children have their first orthodontic screening by age seven?
2. What is the optimal time for orthodontic treatment?
3. What are the benefits of early treatment?
4. Can my child play sports while wearing braces?
5. Will my braces interfere with playing musical instruments?
6. What is a space maintainer?
7. How can a child's growth affect orthodontic treatment?
8. What kinds of orthodontic appliances are typically used to correct jaw-growth problems?
9. Why does orthodontic treatment sometimes last longer than anticipated?
10. What are retainers?
11. Why are retainers needed after orthodontic treatment?
12. Will my child's tooth alignment change later?
13. Why do teeth sometimes need to be removed?
14. What is an ankylosed tooth?
15. What is an impacted tooth?
16. Should the wisdom teeth (third molars) be removed?